Lightning Protection Design, Install, Maintain, and Inspect

  • Commercial/Military
  • Residential
  • Religious Institutions
  • Industrial
  • Health Care
  • Educational

Surge Suppression

  • Primary Surge Suppression: Main service entrance electric, telephone, CATV/video
  • Secondary Surge Suppression: breaker panels, A/C and elevator disconnects, etc.,
  • Point of Use Surge Suppression: low-voltage plugs (i.e. garage door openers, irrigation timers, stereo equipment), computer applications with battery backup

Lightning related Testing

  • Ground resistivity of grounding systems
  • Third-party testing of lightning protection systems
  • Recertification of lightning protection systems

We are proud to serve our region as your Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listed Installer and a Lightning Protection Institute Certified Master Installer/Designer.

We have been in this business since 2001. We have protected over 1 billion dollars of personal property.

Every lightning protection system we build includes the use of all UL Listed Materials designed specifically for lightning protection systems. A UL Master Label Certificate is produced after a UL field representative inspects each system for non-compliance with current requirements. Our price also includes surge suppression for electric, telephone and video feeds that enter the structure. Bonding of the lightning protection system to electric, telephone, video and radio ground leads as well as connections to metal water and gas piping is also required and included in our base price.

Continuing Education for Architects and Engineers: Lightning Safety Alliance Continuing Education program—Lightning Protection 101

East Coast Lightning Equipment representatives have been trained and authorized by the Lightning Safety Alliance to provide continuing education programs on lightning protection.  The Lightning Safety Alliance is a Registered Provider with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education System as well as the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Construction Education Network.  Credit earned upon completion of LSA programs will be reported to AIA/CES and CSI/CEN for members.  Certificates of Completion are also available for self-reporting credits to other parties.

The program is useful for a variety of design professionals regardless of previous experience with lightning protection.  It would be our pleasure to present this program to you and the members of your firm.  If you are interested, please contact us today.  It will be our pleasure to come out and we will even bring lunch!

Most homeowners are unaware that many insurance policies may reduce the insurance premium on a home with Lightning Protection; but did you know that some homeowner insurance policies will actually cover some of a homeowner's out of pocket expense to install a Lightning Protection System?  We continue to work with homeowners that receive insurance copays that help them pay for their Lightning Protection Systems.